Romanian Lowe&Partners and New Age Media created a new campaign for Tic Tac


Tic Tac and Romanian Lowe&Partners, together with New Age Media, prepared a new campaign to promoteTic Tac Strawberry Mix.

How would the playful candies communicate otherwise than by being present in any discussion? The idea of the campaign – Sweet& Sour humor, adapted to the place – was to combine in an optimal manner the shape and content in order to relay the best brand’s message and personality: funny, connected, spontaneous. This resulted in a campaign declined on multiple channels, with a message adapted to the context, in order to leave behind one thought: Tic Tac tablets are everywhere!

Raluca Popa,

Copywriter, Lowe&Partners.

In March and april, inhabitants from Roomanian towns met Tic Tac’s sweet & sour humor in Cinema City’s cinemas, where the media space is handled by New Age Media Romania. People had the chance to taste the new Tic Tac flavor during sampling activities and received flyers with adaptations from known movies. A 3D ad also ran in cinemas.

Lowe&Partners also developed a contextual outdoor campaign for Tic Tac, with messages relayed in 5 Romanian towns and adapted for each location

Tic Tac Strawberry Mix brings delicate freshness and catchy fun, no matter the place or the time. This adaptability is what we wanted to communicate, a proof being the way creatives from Lowe& Partners chose to bring the concept to consumers

Silvia Butolo,

Senior Brand Manager Ferrero.

Umor dulce-acrisor de la Lowe&Partners si TicTac la UniversitateTic Tac Strawberry Mix entertained us. We imagined them in tens of situations, reactions or locations and we loved to put ourselves in their pink shoes. They do have personality! Especially at movies, where they really deserved their roles and smiled from behind iconic charactes

Alina Nechita ,

Art Director, Lowe&Partners.

Umor dulce-acrisor de la Lowe&Partners si TicTac in Centrul Vechi

The teams involved in the project:

  • Lowe&Partners:  Raluca Popa (Copywriter), Alina Nechita (Art Director), Dan Costea (Senior Art Director), Aura Sorescu (Senior Copywriter), Laurențiu Dumbravă (Senior Art Director), Ana Smultea (Account Director), Cristina Popovici (Account Manager), Nicoleta Grigoriu (DTP) and Ilinca Nanoveanu (AV Producer)
  • Ferrero: Silvia Butolo (Senior Brand Manager)
  • NewAge Media Romania: Raluca Demetriade (Sales Director) 

Umor dulce-acrisor de la Lowe&Partners si TicTac in Cluj