GMP Advertising, special project with Biz Magazine to illustrate Cloud solutions from Romtelecom

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GMP Advertising and Biz Magazine worked together on a project for Romtelecom Business Solutions, illustratin in an innovative manner the Cloud back-up and recovery solutions from Romtelecom Business Solutions.

The project is present in magazine’s 262nd edition.

GMP came up with the idea of offering something tangible to suggest the importance of a “back-up copy”: the miniaturized version of Biz magazine, that includes all the info from the original print run. As they are going through the magazine, the readers are discovering its back-up version, inside of the original covers.

gmp biz

To dramatize in an innovative way the cloud Back-up & Recovery solutions offered by Romtelecom Business Solutions, we inserted, in the most recent number of Biz magazine, a miniaturized duplicate of the magazine, that includes absolutely all the articles of the host magazine. The mini business magazine that resulted is a first on Romanian market and we are very proud to have a client so open to our proposals

Mihai Gongu,

Creative Director GMP Advertising.

In communicating with our clients we consider that most important is to speak their language, to see the things from their perspective and to show them which are the benefits that our services are offering, and GMP’s proposal matched very well in this context, offering the perfect dramatization for Back-up and Recovery service

Ruxandra Rau,

Communication Manager Business Segment for Romtelecom & Cosmote.

The teams working on the project included

  • GMP Advertising: Mihai Gongu – Creative Director, Ioana Munteanu – Group Creative Director, Radu Rebei – Art Director and Andreea Dumitru – Account Director.
  • Romtelecom Business Solutions: Diana Kiraly – Marketing Expert Business Segment and Ruxandra Rau – Communication Manager Business Segment.