Pizza without pizza – an innovative activation from McCann Bucharest and Pizza Hut

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Pizza Hut and McCann Bucharest launched the 1st pizza with edges that won’t be left in the plate. To highlight the qualities of the new Super Pan dough – a dough with edges filled with cheese and tomato sauce – , Pizza Hut and McCann Bucharest decided to cook some pizza without pizza.

The pizza without pizza, highlighting the innovation within Super Pan, was in center of an activation that included more Romanian influencers and bloggers. The activation involving the online world also benefited of implication from MRM Worldwide Romania.


The action was successful in showing the qualities of Super Pan, which cannot be ordered separately but comes for any medium and small pizzas from Favorite, Speciale and Complete offer from Pizza Hut and is available in restaurants from March to June .

Did you ever happen to eat your favorite pizza but to abandon the dough edges on the plate? If so, than the new Super Pan dough is for you. In fact, it is so good that, next time, you might eat the edge and leave the pizza on the plate. This product was created to highlight the qualities of the new dough – the edge filled with cheese and tomato sauce – but we admit it is possible to have created a new category with this product, unique in Romania at this time

Sebastian Olar,

Group Creative Director McCann Bucharest

Pizza Hut’s innovations are always starting from our consumers’ needs and desires. From the conversations with them, we noticed that many people don’t eat pizza’s edges, but they wish there was a reason to clean their plate. From here, McCann’s idea came, to offer in a limited edition just the edge of special pizza, that can be eaten as it is. Still, our clients can enjoy this “innovation” by choosing Super Pan dough for any medium or big size pizza

Monica Eftimie,

Chef Marketing Officer Pizza Hut.

The teams involved in this campaign included:

  • McCann Erickson: Creative Director – Adrian Botan, Group Creative Director – Dinu Panescu, Group Creative Director – Sebastian Olar, Senior Art Director – Arpad Rezi, Art Director – Alin Sirbu, Designer – Roberta Schuster, Group Account Director – Gabriela Alexandrescu, Senior Account Manager – Simona Geaca, Account Executive – Oana Grigore, Corporate PR Manager – Carmen Bistrian
  • MRM Worldwide Romania: Client Service Director – Ionela Buta, Account Manager – Tina Cretu
  • Print Production Manager – Petre Bruma

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