Romanian  “I learn, I help” program continues with 5 Social Media Marketing workshops

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The charitable series of workshops “I learn, I help – Brand Artists“, organized by IQads with support from IAA, gathered 27 entries and Euro 8,100 from tickets sales, money that will go to support Help Smaranda cause.

Cristian Manafu wanted to get involved in the efforts to help Smaranda, so a new series of intensive workshops is available for those that want to learn Social Media Marketing.

The trainers that will make available their expertise pro bono are Cristian Manafu (Managing Partner la Evensys and Owner The Connector Agency), Cristan China-Birta (Blogger,, Alexandru Negrea (Head of Facebook Dept. Spada),Raluca Duta (Digital Community Manager GolinHarris) and Ionut Radu Munteanu (PPC Specialist & Online Marketing Trainer

The 5 Social Media Marketing  workshops take place between May 21st – June 25th, at IAA Romania’s headquarters. The participation to full series of 5 trainings costs Euro 300, with entries possible until May 20th, via email. The money will be donated to Help Smaranda Cause.

Who is Smaranda?

Smaranda Milu Nemethi is Creative Director Hybrid Studio, a project she founded together with her husband, Dan Milu. Smaranda is 33 and her life plans changed when what she thought a strong flue was diagnosed as stage 4 pulmonary cancer, with frontal cerebral metastasis. After a series of investigations and a brain surgery, Smaranda asked the opinion of doctors in Germany, which identified a stage 3 cancer tumor and proposed another treatment form, costing Euro 150,000. More details about Smaranda and her disease are available on a dedicated website


The Social Media Marketing workshops will be about:

  • May 21st – Cristian China-Birta – Blog Marketing (to teach participants how they can make a blog campaign from start to the end)
  • May 28th –  Cristian Manafu – Social Networks Marketing (how to choose the most relevant social media channels for their brands, how to avoid beginner’s traps, how to create a social media communication strategies, the benefits of content marketing concept, how to build content strategies for their brands, how to create a pro-active relation with relevant audience and to keep clean their brand’s reputation in social media)
  • June 4th – Alexandru Negrea – Facebook Marketing (dedicated to Facebook, ways to use Facebook to develop brands or personal image, Facebook ads – Remarketing and Conversion Tracking, organic reach, network’s limitations, storytelling and performance measurement)
  • June 18th – Raluca Duta – Real-Time Marketing (what is qualitative Real-Time Marketing – planned and in real time, ways to implement RTM activations, what channels are approached globally and in Romania, how does a ready for RTM brand looks and how to measure the effect)
  • June 25th – Ionut Radu Munteanu- Behavioral & Social Advertising (audience segmentation, particularities for strategies applied depending on promoted business, Google – remarketing, campaign strategies, promotion with Google Display Network, campaign strategies, Facebook promotion etc)