Duval Guillaume and Carlsberg show the power of Football

Ads, Creativity

Carlsberg worked with Duval Guillaume and came up with a material – Carlsberg Border Football – that shows how football unites people without taking in consideration the borders.

border footbal

#BorderFootball campaign was centered on the element that create connections between people in any moment, namely the love for football, and showed this powerful connection in areas literally separated by a wall: Peace Wall from Belfast, Buffer Zone of EU in Nicosia, Merdare border between Kosovo and Serbia. In those zones, it created the frame for spontaneous football game simply by offering football balls and Carlsberg beer.

People’s reaction became the main material in a short movie launched by Carlsberg in the end of April and which shows that people answer with enthusiasm to this kind of invitations and the passion for football unite them, despite of all other factors like history, language, culture or religion.