IPG Mediabrands launches Cadreon for CEE

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Initiative Media, BPN Romania and Universal Media, part of Interpublic MediaBrands, announced recently the launch of Cadreon, new programmatic buying hub localized in Hungary and which will service Central and East European markets.

The launch for CEE is part of Cadreon’s expansion strategy. Cadreon is already operational in over 25 markets at international level and it was introduced in Europe in 2011, than extended in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Denmark (last July)

We are happy to bring Cadreon in Hungary. Programmatic buying registers important growth at international level and we are prepared to offer the most innovative platforms that can maximize the results of our clients’ campaigns. Cadreon proved its efficiency for Mediabrands agencies in multiple markets and we are anxious to replicate this success also in CEE

Mark Walker,

SVP, Director Mediabrands Audience Platform, World Markets, IPG Mediabrands.

Alexandra Olteanu

The launch of Cadreon platform is another step our IPG Mediabrands network makes towards the programmatic era, making easier the access of our clients to tech, smart data, digital inventory, in order to make even more efficient the digital buying

Alexandra Olteanu,

Managing Director Initiative Media.

Acting as an independent media buyer, Cadreon integrates inventory and data coming from multiple partner DSPs (demand side platforms) – local and international, maximizing the efficiency of communication in digital display and in online video or on mobile platforms.

Ileana Tomescu, Managing Partner, BPN

In a short period, digital media underwent more acquisition stages when it comes of advertising space, moving rapidly from manual negotiations to ad networks, ad exchange platform and, most recently, programmatic buying. Cadreon is the only platform to implement digital campaigns that mixes tech with audience insights and human resources and gets an exceptional ROI through real time bidding. The result: precision, saved time and intelligent investments for our clients

Ileana Tomescu,

Managing Partner BPN Romania.

Cadreon platform represents 2.0 tech to optimize digital campaigns and comes as a natural continuation of our efforts until now. We want, with this launch, to offer a new advantage to our clients, that will have access, for the first time on Romanian market, to tech already validated on the most advanced media markets in the world

Mihai Trandafir,

Managing Director Universal Media.