Romania’s GPeC Summit – 7 more days to register

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GPeC Summit is still open for registration until May 21st and also for buying tickets to the e-commerce event. The event will take place in Bucharest, between May 26th-28th, with a 3-day pass costing just Euro 157 (VAT included).

Over 40 Romanian and international e-commerce specialists will be present on stage for GPeC Summit May 2014 during the 3 event days. Some of them – worldwide renowned speakers whose books are Amazon bestsellers – are present for the first time in Romania for GPeC Summit:

  • Chris Goward, CEO and President WiderFunnel, is the brain behind the LIFT™ and Kaizen™ methods and developed conversion optimization strategies for clients such as Google, Electronic Arts, Magento or Chris is the author of “You Should Test That!“, international e-commerce bestseller, where he redefines the basics of conversion optimization – the book has a 5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. Since 2007, Chris has spoken at more than 100 events in more than 30 cities worldwide, and now he’s present for the first time in Bucharest for GPeC Summit, where he will have both a keynote speech during the May 26 Conference and a conversion optimization workshop on May 27.
  •  Jacob Kildebogaard coordinates PPC and Analytics services for the Scandinavian online marketing agency,, for which he is a co-founder. Jacob is the brain behind – an advanced Analytics benchmark service for Danish e-commerce website, service which is actively used by more than 400 businesses. Jacob wrote the only Danish Google Analytics book and in his home country – Denmark – he is known as Mr. Web Analytics.
  • Caroline Hey has been International Business Manager for FACT-finder, Europe’s Leading Conversion Engine for more than 2 years. FACT-finder is a company present in 8 European countries, part of the Omikron group, one of the 50 German companies with accelerated development according to Deloitte in 2012.Caroline will speak for the first time in Romania at GPeC Summit about practical methods that can help online shops turn their visitors into clients.

Apart from international specialists, the Romanian speakers list is impressive: Radu Butufei (Carrefour Romania), Claudia Mirica (Cora Romania), Gabriel Ghita (MasterCard Europe CEE), Mihaela Nicola (The Group), Mihai Patrascu (evoMAG), Paula Negrea (TinaR), Raluca Kisescu (AVON Romania & Moldova), Felix Patrascanu (FAN Courier), Gian Sharp (Cargus), Lucian Aldescu (DPD), Octavian Badescu (Sameday Courier), Horia Grozea (mobilPay), Horia Neagu (Orange Romania), Valentin Radu (Marketizator), Remus Visan (Paravion), Dorin Boerescu (2Parale), Alexandru Lapusan (ZITEC), Victor Kapra, Ionut Munteanu (WebDigital), Liviu Taloi (ECOMpedia), Alexandru Cernatescu (Infinit Solutions Agency), Diana Olar (Voucherry Romania), Adrian Ichim (Advanced Ideas), Ioana Barbu (BitDefender), Andrei Georgescu (White Image), Marius Lazarescu (Today’s), Claudiu Murariu (PadiCode), Alexandru Rada (Vibetrace), Diana Vlase (DPD), Cristian Ignat (2Parale), Robert Anghel (ING Bank), Marin Mitroi (RomCard).

 May 26th to May 28th are a real e-commerce feast turning Bucharest into the capital of e-commerce

Andrei Radu,

Founder & CEO GPeC.

The whole day of May 26 is dedicated to the conference and e-Commerce Expo (B2B expo for e-commerce solutions and services providers visited by online shops). During the Conference, keynote speeches and debate panels will approach the hottest topics for any online business: the current status of e-commerce and the trends for market development as far as each vertical is concerned, the online consumer profile, conversion optimization, performance marketing, logistics and courier services, customer loyalty, e-commerce tools, SEM.

On May 26, the evening will be dedicated to GPeC E-Commerce Party, excellent networking and business opportunities space both for the participants and the speakers of the event. May 27th and 28th bring participants“12 workshops, 18 hours of Premium e-commerce”, according to Andrei Radu. The workshops will approach topics like: conversion optimization, personalization, logistics and courier services, branding, customer loyalty, e-mail marketing, persuasion, web analytics, PPC marketing, SEO, social media, usability.

The detailed GPeC Summit agenda can be seen on GPeC’s website .

The sponsors of GPeC 2014 are Cargus, Carrefour Online, DPD, FAN Courier, Garanti Bank, MasterCard, Microsoft, Orange, SameDay, UIS and ZITEC, with mobilPay – recommended payment processor and – recommended travel partner.