Romanian GO Studio created the new visual identity for Foundation for an Open Society


GO Studio, division of GMP Group specialized in graphic design and branding, finalized the rebranding process that sees Soros Romania Foundation transforming into Foundation for an Open Society

Because George Soros decided to support UE member states via a single foundation headquartered in Barcelona, Soros Romania Foundation becomes independent from Open Society Foundations and, after almost 25 years of activity, starts a new stage, under the name Foundation for an Open Society

In this context, the foundation needed a new identity, that would show organization’s dynamism and independence. Strategically, we recommended to highlight thefact that it is The Foundation that had a major contribution to Romanian society’s development, consolidating this way the image of an organization that supports Romanian society in its development

Bogdan Stanciu,

Head of Design GO Studio

The organization used this name in the past and will have the mission to promote the development of a society based on liberty, responsibility and respect for diversity.

The rebranding process we underwent was long and difficult, especially for a well defined organization, that was functioning very well within the limits traced by its former names and values. We chose a new name, to reflect what we aim for, what values we have and what vision. The collaboration with GO Studio helped us to structure the steps we had to make until adopting a new visual identity. The advice we were given helped us and we appreciated the creativity, promptitude and flexibility shown by Go Studio’s team (…) We find the result perfect: from colors and shapes to the executions, everything reflects dynamism, warmth and diversity

Liana Rusu,

Communication Director Foundation for an Open Society