Oana Tanasescu left Philips’ marketing department


Oanei Tanasescu, Lead Marketing Manager Philips Consumer Lifestyle South Eastern Europe and Regional Marketing Manager Domestic Appliances Philips Central Eastern Europe, decided to leave the company in the end of May. Oana started to work for Philips in 1998 and occupied key positions within Philips’ marketing department, both at Romania’s level and at regional level.

She worked the first 12 years for Philips Romania, 7 as Marketing Manager Domestic Appliances and next five as  Country Marketing Manager & Corporate Communication Manager.

Oana Tanasescu_2

Starting 2010, Tanasescu maintained her position in Romania, but also started to have a key role in the region, coordinating the marketing in South Balkans area (Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and Macedonia), for Consumer Lifestyle  products (appliances, personal care and electronic products). Starting 2013, she coordinated the appliances, personal care and electronics sector also in South-Eastern Europe and also managed appliances for Philips in CEE (Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia, Moldavia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

During the 16 years she spent within the company, Tanasescu maintained in public’s attention the excellent image of Philips’ brand and products and, at business level, she contributed to growth of market quotas for the products part of Consumer Lifestyle range, and also leadership position for certain categories.

Starting 1998, all Philips history, brand’s image and the way they were perceive by consumers are linked to the activities of the marketing department managed by Oana Tanasescu. There were difficult years, with many changes on the market and radical transformations of consumers’ perception, but the major efforts, professionalism and the flawless work from Oana and her team always relayed the quality of the products, they managed to keep alive Philips’ values and to earn consumers’ trust. we thank Oana for the dedication she showed in approaching the projects

Robin Van Rozen,

Country Manager Philips Romania SRL & Commercial Leader South East Europe Philips Consumer Lifestyle.