Dero challenges Romanian designers to create its new packaging


Romanian washing powder rand Dero and IQads challenge the most inspired professionals and design fans to create the new packaging for Dero, in a competition hosted on The Creator platform.

Dero believes in the freshness within Romania’s heart, in the beautiful side of things, in memories that are held dear by people and in fresh and always alive thoughts of Romanians. The brand also wants Romanians to know it recognizes their joys, aspirations and identity through the call to create the new packaging

DERO e al tau

Dero will use the winning packaging, which will be awarded in two steps. In the end, the winning work will become the new packaging for a Dero assortment distributed all over Romania.

The competition is open until July 7th and those who want to participate can check the rulessugestions on the website and the brief and can also use a special entry kit.

The first stage of the competition will select the best 10 finalists following professionals’ and public’s vote on the platform. The finalists will receive each RON 1,000 and their works will be promoted online and offline.

During the second stage, each of the 10 finalists will be involved into a tech adapting process to match the specific demands for Dero packaging and than submitted to public vote. The big winner will receive RON 4,000 and will be the new packaging for Dero

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