DDB Romania and Coronita sugar reinvented “the joy of family tradition” in a new campaign

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DDB Romania launched a TV campaign in order to reposition Coronita sugar, mass market brand in Agrana’s portfolio.

The basic products market started to become also a territory more and more disputed by brands. The multitude of option at the shelf, the consolidation of own brands and the infusion of imported products contributed to this development, inclusively when it comes of sugar segment. Here our team has rich experience, that we fully exploited for the new Coronita campaign, a nice evolution of our partnership with Agrana

Roxana Memetea,

Managing Partner DDB Romania.

 Coronita’s positioning was the kind of intuitive initiative in which the values of a brand and brand’s story are effects of the product, without extreme consequences or strategic acrobatic. Coronita is a good sugar, with an accessible price and a simple packaging, that Romanians can find from hypermarkets shelves to the shelves of rural stores. And because it is so simple to buy and use, we associate it with simple recipes, with those traditional sweets home made, for which one doesn’t need a cooking book or sophisticated ingredients. In a more and more specialized and sophisticated culinary universe, Coronita comes and pleads for simple sweets, which are in fact the ones everyone loves. We’re talking about donuts, pancakes (…) and any other traditional sweets that still bring together the entire family

Olivia Petre,

New Business & Strategy Director DDB Romania.

The TVC shows the magic simplicity of days during which the family enjoys the sweets cooked at home with Coronita.

The campaign was created by DDB Romania, media is handled by Media Investment (part of thegroup) and the ad was produced by Silver Bullet and directed by Hypno