Philips and Ogilvy & Mather launched “Ideas for future” to make Romanian children dreams come true

Creativity, CSR

Philips and Ogilvy & Mather launched in Romania a CSR platform, “Ideas for future”, which can turn in reality any innovative idea on the lives and future of Romanian children

The online platform, available at, is the place where people can come up with innovative ideas that can change for better the reality in which Romanian children are living in. The ideas can be entered directly on the online platform, around 3 main themes: Pregnancy period, Healthy in life and Recreation through light. At the end of 8 weeks while ideas can be submitted, 3 ideas will be selected as winners and implemented by Philips in Romania with a total investment of Euro 100,000


Ideas for future starts with a promise that we trust we can make true: through innovation, we will manage to change for good the development of a society, especially the development of its members which are at the start of their journey, namely the children. We wish to have close to us many people that will get involved, that will come up with ideas and, this way, we could contribute together to building a better future for our children

Andra Barchi,

Digital Marketing Manager, South District Philips.

The promotional campaign for this project is an alarm signal launched by children towards adults, it is a call to action, to change with an idea the lives of Romanian children. Anyone can get involved and there are many people in Romania that wnat to act and become responsible citizens. Now this is really possible

Loredana Caradimu,

Strategy and Business Development Director, Ogilvy & Mather România.

The communication campaign for Philips Romania’s CSR platform “Ideas for future” is one with a strong digital component, supported by a group of opinion leaders interested to change Romania and also supported by a series of PR actions.

Working on the campaign were:

  • Philips Romania: Andra Barchi and Alina Marin
  • Ogilvy & Mather Romania: Albert Nica, Andreea Pârvu, Bogdan Anghel, Andreea Mitea, Alexandru Lazăr, Ela Crețu, Luana Roth, Cezara Blidea, Carmen Grosu, Loredana Caradimu, Mihaela Rădăcină