Bergenbier Friendship Days, promoted with a campaign signed by  Leo Burnett & Target and iLeo

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Romanian Leo Burnett & Target developed the campaign which promotes the second edition of Bergenbier Friendship Days, a series of events scheduled to take place between June 7th and August 16th in a number of Romanian towns. A concert is scheduled to take place in each town

“We can all be better. Better friends” is the message the entire campaign is build around, aiming to encourage generosity, nice gestures and sincere friendship acts. No matter they are made by ordinary people or celebrities that go up on the stage. The series of events aims to inspire Romanians to become better and better friends.

The concept and ATL component of the campaign – which includes TV, outdoor, radio and POSM, were developed by Leo Burnett & Target. iLeo made the online strategy which includes a dedicated platform, a personalized section of the event on andFacebook events personalized for every town where Bergenbier Friendship Days will go.


We want a country of friends, as last year’s song for Bergenbier Friendship Days was saying. And, for this, we are trying to inspire Romanians, with this second edition, to be better friends. To make a genuine gesture for those next to them, no matter they know them or not, ordinary people or celebrities (…) The number of towns where Bergenbier Friendship Days stop this year increased and the message the event comes to people with got a more profound meaning. There are steps we assumed together to make friendship truly conquer Romania

Irina Becher

Creative Director Leo Burnett & Target

 All our ideas are supporting the value assumed and promoted with so much passion by Bergenbier. Using the section V.I.Prieten (Prieten is Romanian for Friend –  n.r.), we are encouraging people to make, at their turn, a friendly gesture and to offer a ticket for backstage to someone dear, and the interactive section Friend Bands inspire people to forget for a moment of their own interest and support sincerely those around them. It is yet another Bergenbier campaign that can be defined as clean and true. Admen know why

Matei Psatta

Head of Social Media & Strategic Planning, iLeo .

Campaign credits

Leo Burnett & Target: Irina Becher (Creative Director), Radu Olteanu (Senior Copywriter), Cosmin Ezaru (Head of Art Directors), Gabriel Avram (Graphic Designer), Victor Stroe (Planning Director), Dana Marinescu (Brand Communication Director), Cristina Corbu (Brand Communication Manager), Sorin Deleanu (A/V Producer), Mihai Nicula/Catalin Luben (DTP Manager).

iLeo: Alexandra Caciur (Brand Communication Manager), Andreia Anghel (Brand Communication Executive), Liviu Maxim (Head of Art), Teodora Stefan (Copywriter), Matei Psatta (Head of Social Media & Strategic Planning), Corina Scheianu (Social Media Wizard).

Bergenbier: Mihai Bonca (Marketing Director), Valentin Stoenescu (Senior Brand Manager), Mihai Mihaescu (Junior Brand Manager), Laurentiu Marin (Event Manager).

2Active PR – handled the PR component of the campaign to promote Bergenbier Friendship Days