10 finalists in Romanian Dero’s packaging redesign challenge

Creativity, Innovation

The first stage of ideas and packaging design “Dero is yours” competition ended on July 18th, with the entered works being everything that represents the core of Romania: folklore motives, traditional blouses, reinterpretations of the Romanian flag.

Following the voting on The Creator and of the judging made by a team of professionals, 10 works were selected in finals and will be subject of a national voting process. The finalists were selected from the 159 works published on The Creator platform, with a total of 180 entries submitted in total. The reward for each of the finalist consists in RON 1,000.

The challenge launched by Dero and IQAds was asking from people with a passion for design, professionals or not, to get inspiration from beautiful things around them and to create the new packaging from one of Dero’s assortments, with it having the chance to land on store shelves all over the country.

The selected finalists are:

Etno and Romanian – by Lana Dumitru

Etno-Lana Dumitru


Romanesc-Lana Dumitru

Popular Fairy-tale – by Ionut Popescu

Basm Popular - Ionut Popescu

Tricolor freshness by Cristina-Ruxandra Avram

Prospetime Tricolora - Cristina Ruxandra Avram

Models inspired by Romanian traditional blouse – by Andreea Chele

Motive - Andreea Chele

Rediscover Romania by Ciprian Bucur

Redescopera Romania - Ciprian Bucur

National clothes by Turcanu Teodor

Straie Nationale - Turcanu Teodor

Romanian models by Cristina Ruxandra

Motive Romanesti - Cristina Ruxandra Avram

Our Romania by Amuza Raluca Mariana

Romania Noastra - Amuza Raluca Mariana

Traditional by Domitian Tincaba

Traditional - Domitian Tincaba

The jury decided which works will go in finals by taking in consideration the following criteria: idea freshness (25%), Romanian creative perfume (25%), cleanness of graphical execution and accuracy in respectin the mandatory design conditions (25%), personal impression of each juror (25%).

The jury that evaluated the works included

  • Gabriela Geana(Marketing Manager, Arctic),
  • Gabriel Gavrilescu (Client Service Director, Kubis Interactive),
  • Alexandru Paius (Senior Partner, Image PR),
  • Ciprian Gogoasa (Creative Partner, Engines Servicii de Imagine),
  • Iulia Floricica (Senior Brand Manager Laundry, Unilever South Central Europe).

The second stage of the competition – the national vote – already started here.