Pepsi bring flogos to Romanian Liberty Parade


A traditional partner at Liberty Parade, Pepsi brings for the 1st time in Romania the flogos ads, flying foamy flying formations that look like puffy clouds and that will form on the sky forms and messages during the event.

Each year, we are trying to intensify the Liberty Parade experience with memorable moments by Pepsi. Because we are speaking about a mobile event, with a background that changes from one moment to the other, we considered Liberty Parade the perfect opportunity to bring in Romania flogos, a very creative communication vehicle, which travels with the public and the caravane and surprises perfectly both event’s spirit and the spirit of Pepsi – Live for Now communication platform

Adriana Nestoriuc,

Group Brand Manager CSD, PepsiCo România.

Flogos was invented in 2008, when an American magician from Alabama, Francisco Guerra, created ” a machine to make clouds”, which can manipulate soap bubbles in almost any shape, from objects to characters of graphical symbols. Flogos can float to different altitudes, depending on their concentration of oxygen and helium and are 100% ecological.