IAB Europe launches first pan-European Programmatic Trading White Paper

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IAB Europe supports the development of Programmatic Trading by educating the market and developing strategies for promoting and growing its use as an essential marketing tool in Europe, including sizing the market in Q3 2014.

According to IAB Europe’s AdEx Benchmark 2013 Report and recent research from IAB Europe, WARC and AppNexus,  Programmatic is having an impact both on the buying and selling of digital advertising, representing an important growth driver.

Its development is being hindered by a lack of technical and commercial understanding in the advertising community, reason why IAB Europe assumed the task of explaining how Programmatic Trading works and its place within the rich and varied European digital ecosystem in a variety of ways, including by establishing a Programmatic Trading Task Force (with the mission to identify standard definitions for the different elements of Programmatic prioritising both comparability across Europe and compatibility with initiatives from IAB US and to conduct research amongst the relevant stakeholders and undertake other educational initiatives)

The launch of IAB Europe’s first pan-European Programmatic Trading White Paper is the start of the initiative to educate the digital advertising market. The White Paper has been produced with the input of ADTECH, AppNexus, AudienceScience, Cxense, The Exchange Lab, Improve Digital, Yahoo!, Xaxis and White & Case and provides company-neutral, simple explanations about what Programmatic Trading is and illustrates the opportunity that it provides across the diverse European markets.

As well as an analysis of the markets in which Programmatic is more developed (Netherlands, UK, France and Germany), the paper looks also into the current state of Programmatic Trading for mobile, video, rich media and social, revealing signs that these are catching up with desktop display.

The IAB Europe Programmatic Trading White Paper addresses current challenges faced by the industry, including the control over big data, transparency and the role of Programmatic Trading in the digital advertising mix (…) There are still hurdles to overcome as Programmatic technology matures and buyers and sellers acquire the skills to maximise its potential. But make no mistake; Programmatic is emerging as the driving force for a new vision of digital advertising in Europe and all indicators are that its unprecedented growth is set to continue

Graham Wylie,

Senior Director, EMEA & APAC Marketing AppNexus & member Programmatic Trading Task Force.

IAB Europe is committed to supporting Programmatic Trading through producing research, standards and best practice guidelines which are intended to make it easier for companies to trade and are appreciated by advertisers and other stakeholders (…) With the aim of supporting brand advertising in the Programmatic discipline IAB Europe’s Brand Advertising Committee has already defined a suite of six recommended brand advertising formats – ‘Brand Builders’ – which offers a new branding environment to advertisers. By fuelling the increase of high value, high quality inventory for large scale brand advertisers, IAB Europe envisages an increase in Programmatic Trading of premium digital advertising.

Alison Fennah,

Senior Business Advisor IAB Europe