CarnationGroup part of Possible created Flying Blue app for Air France KLM

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CarnationGroup part of Possible created the new Facebook app for Air France KLM’s loyalty program Flying Blue. The app is part of the campaign “Life is sweeter with Flying Blue and can be accessed here.

The app was made for 4 Central European countries (Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland) and invites Facebook users, between August 6th-31st, to participate to the campaign and scan their profiles in order to enter the virtual world of Flying Blue program. Facebook users which traveled abroad in 2013 will be awarded bonus miles and discount vouchers.


The objective of the campaign is to increase the awareness of Flying Blue loyalty program in the 4 countries where the campaign runs and a way to award the loyalty of Flying Blue existent members.

The concept of the campaign started from the fact that people who traveled a lot in 2013 would like to do the same in 2014. Traveling with Flying Blue in 2013 would’ve meant also Bonus Miles for each travel they made with Air France KLM.

The creative idea behind the campaign was to give back some of the lost miles in 2013 and to let people benefit of them in 2014, based on the check-ins made by users on Facebook.

The app interacts with users statuses and follows the check-ins and photos with GPS coordinates added in 2013, posting them on an interactive map. each user can add his favorite destinations in a video with the most beautiful photos made during last year’s travels, which can also be shared with Facebook friends.

Stefan Iarca - Country Manager Romania Carnation Group - part of Possible
Stefan Iarca – Country Manager Romania Carnation Group part of Possible

Campaign’s mechanism makes new members join the loyalty program by offering a start bonus for all those using the Facebook app – “Life is sweeter with Flying Blue”. Because we talk about travels and beautiful places, we thought to offer the users the option to make a review of 2013’s travels. The in-app experience we offer to the users is a high-end one, considering the high degree of tech elements this development included

Stefan Iarca,

Country Manager Romania CarnationGroup part of Possible

Each user who generates a video is eligible to win a prize, depending of his member status with Flying Blue.  Those who aren’t Flying Blue members but installed the app and had eligible check-ins in 2013 (outside their residence country) and generated a video, will be able to receive 2,000 Bonus Miles. If they distribute their video forward so their friends can see it, they receive an additional bonus of 500 Miles. Flying Blue non-members that installed the app but didn’t had any check-in on Facebook in 2013 can win 500 bonus miles. Both cases, the condition is to adhere to Flying Blue program by August 31st and to reserve at least one flight operated by Air France, KLM or Tarom until the end of the year. Flying Blue members that installed the app, had eligible check-ins in 2013 and generated a video will be eligible to receive an Euro 50 voucher for inter-continental flights.


CarnationGroup part of Possible is a full service digital agency with over 16 years of experience on the market and with a portfolio that includes regional clients such are Carrefour, Air France KLM, Sanofi – Aventis, MOL, Accenture Services, Delaco, P&G, Coca – Cola, Telenor, Raiffeisen Bank, Generali, AXA, etc. The agency offers services like strategy, media, communication & design, creation, technology and mobile advertising.

Possible is a network of digital agencies with 33 offices in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia and over 1,300 employees at global level. It is considered to be the biggest WPP start-up until now. In Europe, Possible has offices in UK, Poland, Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Sweden.