is seeking best data-driven start-up at Data Days 2014

Business, Digital & Media, Start Up, a company of Deutsche Post DHL and Europe’s leading specialist in digital target group marketing and brand engagement measurement, will host the  Data Days 2014 in Berlin, on October 1st and 2nd. Organized under the slogan “Air. Water. Earth. Data”, the international  English-speaking conference will holistically and controversially examine the latest trends in the world of data as well as its impact on society.

The 1st day of the conference will see renown experts offering insights and controversial discussions on four themes (“Algorithms & Predictions”, “Automation – What the Future Holds”, “Data-Driven Applications vs Ethics and Policies” and “Applications & Society”). Reiner Hoffmann, Chairman of the German Confederation of Trade Unions (DGB), Matthias Ehrlich, President of the BVDW, Dr. Jana Moser, Investment Manager Marketing & Classifieds Division at Axel Springer SE, Volkmar Uhlig, CTO and Founder at Adello, Joëlle Frijters, CEO and Co-founder of Improve Digital and Noelle Sio, Senior Data Scientist at Pivotal, are just a few of the speakers already confirmed for the event.

Next to deepening workshops and seminars on the latest data-based business ideas of the future, the Data Pioneers start-up competition will be held on the second day of the conference In this competition, start-ups and inventors will be given the chance to present their data-driven business ideas, with the best start-up to be awarded Data Pioneer 2014 prize.

To qualify for the Digital Pioneers competition, a start-up needs to be based on some new and exceptional idea which harness the value of data monetarily, offers new privacy tools for data-driven apps and/or identify relevant data for individuals or a certain group of people.

The best entries will have the chance to present their business ideas to a jury that includes Stephan Noller, CEO of, and Nico Lumma, Head of the Incubator programme, along with other specialists in the field. 

The most innovative start-up will receive Data Pioneer 2014 awards, while all finalists – should they fit into the ecosystem – have the chance of receiving financial assistance of up to Euro 100,000 and further support via an exchange of know-how and goal-oriented development projects, within the framework of the incubator programme.

Following the successful launch in 2012, we are excited to seek the next Data Pioneer at this year’s Data Days Conference (…) We believe the programme is an excellent platform to further develop and equip innovative start-up businesses that embrace the opportunities of big data with the necessary resources and know-how to achieve sustainable success.

Nico Lumma,

Head of the incubator program


Data Days 2014, supported by the media partners Adzine, brand eins and, will pave the way for a holistic, transparent, and most importantly, critical dialogue on the use of data and the advancement of data-based services and business ideas.