The Alternative School introduces Art Direction classes

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The Alternative School for Creative Thinking introduces Art Direction in its educational schedule. The Visual Language class is meant for those that want to express 1,000 images with just one image. The class aims to teach the students how to attract attention, to convince and sell oneself through images. The class will teach them to shape their graphical language and use letter, chromatics and visual in order to express in a concise and memorable manner.

The trainer for the Art Direction classes has a design diploma awarded by a London specialized school and consecutive specializations in Cannes Lions 2013 and 2014.

There are two more weeks until the Art Directions classes start. The module includes 14 hours divided in 7 meetings scheduled to take place on Saturdays and the cost of the module is Euro 150. Those interested can apply to, with the Art Direction class having limited places.

Why Art Direction?

After almost 10 years of social media where the content – predominantly visual – is consumed in a blink of an eye and with an informational avalanche which only visuals (from infographics to photo and video) manage to compress in order to be digested in real time, the need to understand how images’ coding and decoding works is fundamental.

More than anything, any contemporary communicator who wants to be part of the industry a long time from now on must become accustomed with visual languages and to be a refined practitioner of those. More powerful and more efficient than the words, visual sets and cultivates the difference in the competition for the memory, the resources and the interest of all kind of audiences.

The Art Direction module targets all those who work within the communication industry – PR, brand management, strategy, client service and who operates or should operate with visual content on daily basis, with the presentation that one delivers to business partners or in generating content for different audiences.

It is fundamental for those working in social media and storytelling and, for prepares those interested in Cannes’ PR competition for the conditions and exigences there.

The program is developed under the umbrella of The Alternative School, the only Creative MBA awarded with Gold in Cannes Lions in 2013 and 2014, in Cyber and Design.

During Eurobest semester, the students from The Alternative School can also study digital communication, efficient creativity and integrated campaigns. Those modules will be taught by experienced tutors and endorsed with case studies from Cannes Lions, Eurobest, Dubai Lynx and Spikes Asia. The fee for the entire semester is Euro 500 per team and includes 21 meetings.