MarkDay ’14: Culture, an element to consider when tailoring online marketing strategies

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Andre Alpar, founder of German SEO and digital marketing agency AKM3, will be present at the second edition of MarkDay as speaker and will explore, in his workshop, the future of online searches.

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According to him, a country’s culture can influence the planning of an online marketing strategy, especially as people talk about taking over development models from US.

Localizing the regional traditions is a mandatory strategy, and the best results can be achieved only collaborating with locals and natives

Andre Alpar

He says that achieving excellence needs a lot of work and effort when it comes of researching the market, the clients and their needs and coming up with solutions to meet their need. Andre added that a lot of will is needed to boost a start-up to a high level, especially considering that start-ups require bigger investments than the ones initially estimated.

At MarkDay – event taking place on October 31st in Cluj Napoca – Andre will speak about the most important 5 trends in search and will explain how searches and the act of searching changed the way people interact with computers.