Moldovan vinery Purcari – manifesto for unchanged


Purcari Vinery, the oldest in Moldova,  launches, this winter, a Manifesto for Unchanged, against superficiality, ephemera things, non-values – elements which are more and more present in the contemporary world. Everything can be put under the question mark, and that is why people need landmarks. “Glossa” (poem wrote by the national Romanian writer Mihai Eminescu) proved to be as actual now as it was at the moment of its publishing, in 1883, and stands as concept in new Purcari’s campaign: “Real values aren’t changing with times”

Purcari wines began their stories in 1827, in Basarabia, and are carrying almost two centuries of tumultuous history, refusing to change even if they witnessed realities that always differed.

Purcari’s manifesto is synthesizing the drama of a life too on-fast-forward and speaks about things people are loosing every day. important things like friends, family, feelings and standards. Still, authentic values remain solid and fundamental, no matter the superficial changes happening around