Heist Industries moves brands out from the ad break, out of the classic frame


Heist Industries is a Romanian agency that does advertising different, out of the classic frame and out from the ad break.

Heist started to do things different in 2012, with its founders and members already focusing on content, storytelling and social media since 2010, when the fascination for the 30 seconds TVC was still actual

The agency’s credo states that “classical advertising is secluded, repetitive, obsolete and exceeded. Brands need to be invested with real values, that one can find only through lifestyle, content, relevance and true stories. We try to move the advertising from the ad break in the area where the public is really captivated and interested: the content one. And, when we manage, everything is so natural that it seems a heist of the mind”

Heist doesn’t like to be bounded by categories as “it is like one knows how to craft shoes and brags about the tools he has”, appreciating that the final result matters and that result, today, can only be an idea that travels: from offline to online, from TV’s screen to real life or the other way around, involving people that have something to say. However, because “the tools” still matter, Heist has expertise in ATL (since 2002),  community marketing, stunt creation, content creation, digital strategy, event creation & implementation, PR content, VIP relations and media relations.

According to agency’s representatives, classical advertising needs a profound transformation. The agency tries to promote the change with each project where they usage is demanded in an express manner. An example in this sense is Purcari Winery’s Manifesto for Unchanged, where a 30 seconds TVC wasn’t enough to relay enough emotion and, instead, the focus was switched to online.

Preferring to focus on content, storytelling, influencers, transmedia, vlogging, reality shows, apps and stunts, Heist Industries is the first ad agency in Romania aiming to launch soon products, services, tools, amplification systems and other assets to change the classical advertising.

Radu Pilat_small

After 10 years of working in creation, I realized that things became repetitive. I was living in a bubble and in a loop.  Brief-campaign-execution-repeat. When I founded Heist Industries was like “getting out on the street”. I realized we are talking to normal people. Normal people don’t like advertising. They look for new experiences, for beautiful stories. I think this is the future of advertising. Relevant forms, close to people, out of break and out of frame. I think advertising should be next to art when it comes of adoption speed for new ways of expressing. This is the only way we can survive as an industry

Radu Pilat,

Founder & Managing Partner Heist Industries.

The agency has in its portfolio clients like Burn Energy Drink (1,2,3), Desperados (1,2,3), Powerade, Purcari Wines, Ceptura Winery, Julius Meinl Coffee (1,2).