CarnationGroup ends rebranding, becomes Possible

Branding, Business, Creativity

The start of the year came with changes for CarnationGroup, with the agency adopting a new name, Possible, and a new logo. After a rebranding in two steps, Possible attacks stronger than ever the regional market

We joined Possible in 2012 and, since than, we continuously communicated that. Now it is the time to also change our name and leave behind CarnationGroup. Company’s name change needed intense preparation, both in business and in company’s structure. Over the years, CarnationGroup won a lot of notoriety and prestige in Europe, which determined us to choose a slow change strategy

Krisztián Tóth,

CEO/CCO Possible CEE.

Agency’s philosophy is resumed in one question: “Does it work?”, which shows the digital agency believes in results.

Stefan Iarca, Possible, Romania

This is our agency’s DNA that we use as guidance every day, which is part of any presentation, idea, technology, solution and this is our market positioning. The “Creative Intelligence” process helps us invent the future making anything possible. We are borrowing from Steve Jobs’ philosophy the idea of being positive in everything we achieve (delusionally positive). We believe we can do things be more beautiful through the ideas and technologies which we implement for the brands we’re working for, exactly so they can create strong bonds with their consumers

Stefan Iarca,

Country Head Romania at Possible

In Romania, CarnationGroup entered the market in 2008 and, in 2012, started the first stage of the rebranding, becomin CarnationGroup part of Possible. Possible is a full-service digital agency with over 17 years of experience within the industry and with a portfolio which includes clients like Carrefour, Air France KLM, Sanofi – Aventis, MOL, Accenture Services, Delaco, P&G, Coca – Cola, Telenor, Raiffeisen Bank, Generali, AXA, and others. The agency provides services like strategy, media, comm&design, creative, tech and mobile advertising.

At international level, Possible is an agency network with 33 offices in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia and over 1,300 employees. On its clients’ list are companies like AT&T, Barclay’s, Comcast, Dell, P&G, Nokia, Microsoft, Mazda, Starwood, World Wildlife Fund, Absolut Vodka, Michael Kors, Canon, Nike, Audi, Sony Playstation, Pringles, among others. At European level, Possible is present in UK, Poland, Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Russia, and Sweden.