Gav signs a new campaign for Selgros on Romanian market

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Selgros Cash&Carry Romania launched a new integrated campaign (including TV, digital, radio and outdoor), signed by GAV.

The communication is built around a community, a club of people with passion for gastronomy, no matter if they are professionals, celebrities or ordinary people.

Clubul Selgros_Gheorghe Hagi_03 martie 2015

Campaign’s first ad has as star the well-known Romanian football player Gheorghe Hagi, which is also a big fan of quality cuisine.  The commercial brings into the spotlight the products that make Selgros different from its competitors.

14 years after starting its activity in Romania, Selgros remains the trusted supplier for people with passion for food and gastro-professionals, and also the partner of those that want something good. We think that Gheorghe Hagi’s exceptional presence in the ad sends this message very clearly (…)

Alexandru Vlad,

CEO Selgros Romania

We are honored to continue the collaboration with Selgros and to contribute to set the basis of an unique concept for Romanian retail. We hope our movie will make viewers’ eyes and ears happy – the alternative soundtrack signed  Cabadzi underlines the modernity of the “old” Selgros, which undergoes now a new professional youth

Lucian Georgescu,

Managing Partner & Creative Director GAV

Clubul Selgros_03 martie 2015

GAV’s team working on the campaign included Marius Rosu (creative direction and direction), Alexandru Borsan, Arina Udup (strategy), Ana Catina (Client Service), Gabriel Coman, Ennifer Anefi (Copywriters), Radu Radulescu (Art Director), Elena Muresanu and Cristi Ene (digital).