Romanian Transmedia Audit Bureau (BRAT) to release first online audience data for rural areas

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Romanian Transmedia Audit Bureau (BRAT) announced the launch, on March 6th, of the first audience results for webpages in rural areas, according to SATI (Internet Trafic and Audience Study). The data will be available along with those for urban areas, offering a complete vision over the internet consumption in Romania.

For the first time since the study was launched, SATI’s universe was expanded by including the rural areas and passed from an urban universe of around 6.8M people using the internet to a cumulative universe (urban and rural) which has over 10.5M internet users.

As the number of Romanian internet users sizable increased during the last few years and rural population became more interesting when it comes its media consumption, BRAT decided, half year ago, to expand SATI in order to cover rural areas also, answering in the same time to the needs of media & advertising industries.

By launching internet audience data for rural areas, to complete the info from urban areas, BRAT aligns to the evolution of the virtual environment and offers to the Romanian media & advertising market relevant and consistent info on the socio-demographic profile of the internet users and info related to their consumption habits

Arina Ureche,

General Manager BRAT.

Using the same SATI methodology as for urban areas, the expansion of the universe was possible by making a supplementary structural study dedicated to the rural area. It was made in partnership with Metro Media Transilvania, using the same methodological criteria for media studies as for the other studies made by the association.

An overview image over SATI’s results for urban areas will be offered to the media and advertising industry during Media Research Day’s special edition organized by BRAT and Tailwind EMEA on March 5th, in Bucharest.