What women want on Women’s day – subject for a new Starcom MediaVest Romania infographic

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Starcom MediaVest launched its 20th infographic from HumanGraph Experience­, entitled “What Women Want on Women’s Day” and based on data obtained by SNA Focus and an Ivox study made in February on a sample of 662 subjects living in urban areas.

According to the research, 60% Romanian women living in urban areas are in a relationship or are married and the same percentage isn’t the main income provider, meaning that they depend on family’s budget for shopping.

Romanian women’s main need is to have control over their own life: 82% make a plan before acting, as detailed info, the force of habit and rules are helping them to feel secure.

Among Romanian women, 77% respect the norms and traditions and 73% admit they are religious people. Most need a reference system to believe in and, in the same time, they need to keep the pace with the times. Romanian women believe in adapting traditions and are trying to find our solutions which would allow them to both respect traditions, but also, in the same time, to be actual and modern.

what women want on march 8th

Depending on their age, Romanian women choose to relate with the ones around them as women, mothers or wives. A Romanian woman’s ordinary day centers around the family and the responsabilities related to taking care of the loved ones, with less importance given to personal enjoyment or relaxation.

For Romanian women, the things they enjoy and generate a guilty feeling to them are pretty inoffensive:  37% admit they buy things they don’t need and 24% say they take breaks from their daily responsibilities.

When it comes of the way they want to celebrate Women’s Day (March 8th), most women say they want travels, presents or to relax at a spa, while only 8% want to dine with their partner. In the same time, many men (39%) consider March 8th a day like any other and those who want to celebrate choose to have dinner with their partner, which is also the last option on women’s list.

Generally, Romanian women doesn’t make a priority from enjoying themselves and celebrate, as their main focus is to fulfill the desires and answer the needs of their family and or their loved ones. An opportunity for brands is to award these efforts, which many women aren’t conscientiously aware of

Rodica Mihalache

Head of Consumer Insights, Starcom MediaVest