180LA helped launch Swell Investing, devoted to cause-driven investing

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Swell is an innovative, new approach to the financial investment sector, a research company founded on the belief that one can do well for himself and do good for those in need at the same time. Swell does this by creating “cause-driven” investment models that can be used to earn both a return for you and for your cause.

Design elements for the brand, created by ad agency 180LA, include swellinvesting.com and a series of images and animations that represent turning your money into something. The name itself is a nod to growth and goodness.

There are currently four cause-based Swell investment models available through Motif Investing: Improve Education, Fight Cancer, End Poverty and Uphold Human Rights, with more being developed.

When one invests or rebalances his investment model, Swell gets a minimum royalty of $1 from Motif Investing. From that revenue Swell gives 20¢ out of every $1 to the causes their models support*. Swell gives from their money, not the investors’. Currently Swell gives to Jumpstart for Young Children, Inc. (Improve Education), The American Association of People with Disabilities (Uphold Human Rights), and Susan G. Komen for the Cure (Fight Cancer).

Swell Investing LLC is an independent research provider. Swell is not a financial services firm and therefore is not registered as an investment adviser or broker-dealer with the SEC or any other regulatory agency. Swell is backed by Pacific Life Insurance Company.