Starcom MediaVest Group infographic: Romanians and the contemporary Easter traditions

Consumption Habits, Marketing, Studies

With Easter just around the corner in Romania, country that celebrates the religious event under the reek-Orthodox calendar, Starcom MediaVest Group released a new infographic on Romanian consumers’ habits, made together with iVox – online platform offering the option to make market studies. The study covered the habits of Romanians (aged over 18, internet users, living in cities with over 100K inhabitants) around Easter.


According to Starcom, 76% respect traditions and habits, while 65% say they are religious. On the other hand, 70% have a job and 9 out of 10 spend 8 hours or more at work.

Religious holidays are an opportunity for Romanian families to gather together and connect through traditions. When it comes of Easter, 90% Romanians are cherishing traditions and take them in consideration.

In Romania, Easter is preceded by a feasting period and includes specific habits, such are the Ressurection mass. In this circumstances, from the respondents, only 26% say they are feasting, while 57% go during the Ressurection night to the Church to take light and 48% attend to the entire mass.

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When it comes of Easter presents, 36% Romanians do not have the habit of making presents, 39% are following tradition and buy new clothes for the loved ones, while 22% buy cosmetic products.

The average budget for Easter shopping is RON 620, most of the money being used to buy food. In more than 90% of cases, Easter food is traditional food: 40% put on the Easter table colored eggs, Easter cakes, lamb steak or other lamb dishes, while 50% will combine modern food with traditional one.

According to the study, Easter preparations are intense and very tiresome: 68% prefer to be involved directly in cooking the traditional meal and 63% are in charge with thoroughly cleaning the house. In the end, after the entire preparations, they have too little time to enjoy the fruits of their work.