AMPRO Design won accolades at Brand Identity Grand Prix Milano for Dr. Hart packaging

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AMPRO Design, the most awarded Romanian brand & packaging design agency, won the 1st place at the 20th edition of Brand Identity Grand Prix Milano. The award, the 35th international trophy received by AMPRO Design, was achieved for Dr. Hart packaging, in Pharmaceutical Packaging category.

Dr. Hart is an innovative supplement and its packaging symbolizes the professional and modern doctor, a creative approach that brought Ampro Design international recognition at Brand Identity Grand Prix Milano.

Irinel Ionescu, Creative Partner AMPRO Design
Irinel Ionescu, Creative Partner AMPRO Design

We liked the challenge of this project (…) The winning idea was to create the doctor for each home, “the Doctor in the house”: Dr. Hart. The white coat dominating the packaging design insures a very good visibility for the brand, while the diversity of the ties acts in differentiating the products of the range

Irinel Ionescu

Creative Partner AMPRO Design

AMPRO Design team awarded in Milano for Dr. Hart included: Irinel Ionescu – creative partner, Mihaela Dumitrescu – Client Service Director, Alexandru Patru – Senior Account Executive, Lehel Mór Makó – Senior Designer, Viorica Pintilie – Junior Designer, Raluca Popan – Junior Designer, Adrian Garganciuc – DTP & Prepress Specialist.


From Dr Hart, client’s team included Dan Nicolescu – Own & Special Brands Director, Mihaela Dumitrescu – Senior Brand Manager, Veronica Ripeanu – Manager Own Brands Pharma and Samir Abou-Khalil – New Products Development Manager.


AMPRO Design returned among the winners of Brand Identity GrandPrix after 2 awards it won in 2012. In 2015, the Milano competition, dedicated to brand design and visual communication, selected for judging 70 entries in 17 categories, entered by agencies from Italy, Switzerland, France, Russia, Kazakhstan and Romania.