Geometry Global Bucharest signs the fundraising campaign for Children’s Phone Association

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Geometry Global Bucharest signs the fundraising campaign for Children’s Phone Association, the only NGO that offers children and parents a phone line for assistance at national level. As part of the campaign, the association invites the visitors at Carturesti Verona bookstore in Bucharest to pick up the phone, hearing at the other end a children’s voice who tells them what he/she remembers from books like “Little ladies”, “Captain at 15 years old” or “Big expectations”.


“Please don’t get upset, I don’t have problems but, if you have a little time…could you sing Happy Birthday to me? Today is my birthday” or “Can I tell you a poem? I had to learn it for tomorrow and mum isn’t at home”. Besides the serious abuse cases against them, children call Children’s Phone for very diverse reasons. Many are just left to figure out things alone and to understand what they can from life. Listening to the specialists from Children’s Phone telling us about the calls they receive, we realized that being careless within the family isn’t just an unpleasant and lonely period who goes away, but one that can influence you for life. And if to think to tomorrow’s Romania means to take care of today’s children, we should all help the associations that keep their minds and hearts pure until they grow up and change the world completely

Ana Militaru,

Copywriter Geometry Global.


In May, visitors at Carturesti Verona can go to a special stand to choose one of the 3 children that want to tell a story to someone at the end of the line. Each of them read a book they want to share and, when someone picks up, the children relay what they remember and say how they would like to have a life like their book heroes. In the end, they encourage the listener to donate Euro 2 via SMS so other children can get help also.

The execution is part of “We can’t choose between tears”, launched with a TV ad, and has the purpose to help Children’s Phone to hire enough specialists to answer all the received calls. The campaign is made with suport from Carturesti Verona, KMP Studio amd Curtea Veche, Regis, Corint Junior publishing houses.



  • Geometry Global: Mihai Fetcu (Creative Director), Stefan Vasilachi (Head of Art), Alina Buzatu (Head of Strategy), Patricia Suliman (Senior Art Director), Ana Militaru (Copywriter), Diana Serban (Account Manager), Patricia Arbanas (Account Director), Mihai Sava (DTP), Monica Gheorghe (Traffic Manager), Mihaela Zaharia (PR).
  • Children’s Phone: Catalina Florea (Executive Director Children’s Phone / Principles, Standards & Practices Taskforce Representative – Europe, Child Helpline International), Andreea Groenendijk – Deveau (Media Specialist),  Silviu Andrei (IT & Digital Specialist).