See it, be it – the new Cannes Lions initiative for Creative Women

Creativity, People

The topic of women’s representation in creative agencies (and many other industries, for that matter, especially in high-power roles) is a highly debated one. In 2014, Cannes Lions decided to address the issue first hand, by launching the “See It, Be It” program.

What does it consist of? Four days of mentorship from industry leaders, dedicated talks with Q&As opportunities, meet & greet with the speakers and priority access to the talks and parties. Basically, it is conceived as a fast track to success, a dedicated hub where like-minded, ambitious women can share and develop ideas, while networking and consolidating their knowledge.

The program is dedicated to women in creative job roles, with some experience (5 to 10 years), that have won some local awards, are obvious leaders, with public speaking abilities (in English), have never been judges at Cannes Lions and haven’t attended the festival at all, at least in the past 3 years. In short, they are looking for a well-rounded person, with high capabilities, invincible spirit, but medium to little resources.


Since the program has just pioneered last year, with participants from Dubai, Manila, Buenos Aires, London, New York, Zurich and Shanghai, it is not yet well known, but is sure to rise in popularity. This second time around, Romania sent its own nominees into the mix, over 10, after a local nomination process coming from the public and the creative industry. Last year’s participants are involved in this year’s selection and the results are yet to be published.

In support of and as a natural extension of this initiative, on a national level, Cannes Lions Romania prepares a catalog of the most creative women activating in a broad spectrum of industries, including art, communication, design and business.