Romanian MediaCafe becomes ChargeAds, consolidates its local operations

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MediaCafe rebranded in ChargeAds on the Romanian market, consolidating its operations within one of the most important providers of Programmatic Trading in Europa

Consolidating its local operations under the new brand, Mediacafe asimilates the Yahoo! partnership in Romania and the division of Programmatic from one of the most important tech providers for automated media transactioning in Europe.

The rebranding under the umbrella of ChargeAds, global tech provider for automated digital advertising, comes as a natural consequence of digital media transactions’ migrations towards programatic and marks the end of a consolidation process started two years ago.

According to Mihai Fanache, founder MediaCafé, this consolidation and rebranding represent a reaffirmation of the involvement with the local business partners and is in line with company’s mission to offer the most efficient and scalable solutions for digital media buying strategic needs.

At international level, ChargeAds showed leadership within the automated media transactioning industry, with its tech solutions and the global access to display, video, mobile and native inventory, insured by partners like Rubicon Project, Pubmatic, Appnexus, Google ir Yahoo – offering the scalability and level of automatization demanded by the new market context.

Romania aligns today to the global trends by adopting the Programmatic Trading latforms as efficient solutions, transparent and scalable to buy and sell digital media. It is a natural consolidation, which will facilitate the fast and sustainable access for our partners to the most powerful trading solutions in the world

Mihai Fanache

ChargeAds is a tech company with offices in New York, Cape Town, Bucharest and Dubai, provider of intelligent and efficient solutions for publishers, agencies and ad clients.