Jeff Leach will entertain #ICEEfest audience, than go to US to star along Louis CK and Chris Rock

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ICEEfest’s host, British actor Jeff Leach – who is also the nephew of a known Romanian actor, Ion Caramitru – will entertain festival’s audience and than will leave for USA, where he will have stand-up comedy shows along with Louis CK and Chris Rock.

Jeff, actor, writer and comedian, is the host of ICEEfest, event scheduled to take place in Bucharest on June 11-12. He was born in London, on February 12 1984 and his mother is a drama teacher with Romanian origins, who’s brother is Ion Caramitru, the director of Romanian National Theater.

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Over his career, Jeff tested more artistic areas: he played in movies like “Gerry’s Garden” and “Gutpunch”, in the TV series “Hollyoaks” and the online series “The Chaos”; he hosts “Jeff Leach +1” at London Live TV station and worked as a DJ and made several remixes for Ministry of Sound;  he made interviews with celebrities like Lady Gaga or Taylor Momsen.

Moreover, he made himself known with his stand up comedy performances, wrote scenarios for BAFTA and was the voice-over for NBC Sports, SEGA and Citroen. He also became an ambassador of Angelus Foundation after one of his best friends died because of ketamine.

At ICEEfest, Jeff Leach will animate the atmosphere during the two days of festival, will MC the concerts and the BOA – Beat of Angels Bucharest (show with tickets still available here) – party and, towards the end of the festival, he will have also a stand up comedy performance. More details are available in festival’s agenda.

The association between Leach and a festival dedicated to the internet isn’t just a happening: the actor with Romanian origins describes himself as “dependent of socializing networks” and says he feels lost without his phone and his computer.

I feel lost without iPhone, Mac Book Pro and PlayStation 4. Sometimes it is OK to feel lost, especially as today’s society is too filled with info, commercials, and people forget to live the moment. The apps I use the most are Twitter, Vine and Snapchat. I am dependent of social networks

Jeff Leach.

Shortly after ICEEfest 2015, Jeff Leach moves to New York, where he will be active at the well-known Comedy Cellar in Manhattan, the place where the action from Louie (with Louis CK) takes place.

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All my heroes in the past, Robin Williams, Bill Hicks and Stephen Carlin, started their careers there and all my present heroes, among which Louis CK and Chris Rock, have shows there. I hope my presence among so many talented people to help me reach to a new level from comedy’s point of view

Jeff Leach.


ICEEfest – Interactive Central and Eastern Europe Festival – is organized by ThinkDigital and presented by Orange. In association with Xaxis – a Group M Company. Driven by Toyota Hybrid. Events from the festival are supported also by Prometheus, Uber, Huawei and BCR.

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