Romanian advertising at Cannes in 2015: 144 entries dreaming of a Lion

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Romanian agencies submitted, in a year with record entries to Cannes Lions Festival (over 40,000 entries), a total of 144 entries with which they try to get a coveted Lion statuette.

The top competitions for Romanian agencies are Media (29 entries), Direct (26 entries) and PR (20 entries), followed by Promo & Activation (18) and Cyber (15). Less sought competitions by the Romanian agencies are Outdoor (11) and Mobile (8), while Film (5), Press and Design (4 entries each), Creative Effectiveness (3) and Branded Content & Entertainment (1) don’t seem so appealing for Romanian agencies.

According to Cannes Lions’ organizers, Romanian advertising industry is also present in the newly launched competitions: 4 entries in Health & Wellness (Lions Health) and 3 entries in Creative Data (Innovation Lions).

Cannes Lions, the world’s leading celebration of creative excellence in communications, received a record number of entries this year, with 40,133 entries received across Cannes Lions (21-27 June), Lions Health (19-20 June) and Lions Innovation (25-26 June).


2015 Entries by Category
Branded Content & Entertainment Lions 1,394
Creative Data Lions 619
Creative Effectiveness Lions 160
Cyber Lions 3,738
Design Lions 2,409
Direct Lions 2,813
Film Lions 3,070
Film Craft Lions 2,205
Glass lion: The Lion for Change 166
Health & Wellness Lions 1,430
Innovation Lions 226
Media Lions 3,179
Mobile Lions 1,246
Outdoor Lions 5,037
Pharma Lions 432
PR Lions 1,969
Press lions 4,470
Product Design Lions 280
Promo & Activation Lions 3,196
Radio Lions 1,720
Titanium and Integrated Lions 374
TOTAL 40,133 

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