DM9DDB digital business – up 34%, Igor Puga – promoted to Vice President 

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After ten months as Chief Interactive Officer at DM9DDB, Igor Puga is assuming a new role inside DM9DDB. Puga is now the Vice President of Integration and Innovation, a position that previously did not exist. He continues to participate in the group of ten multidisciplinary executives who lead the agency under a shared management model headed by co-presidents Alcir Gomes Leite and Paulo Queiroz.

The promotion is a result of his integrated efforts that have resulted in an increase of 34% in the agency’s digital media investment in Q1 2015, as compared to the same period last year, among other positive results. The new digital accounts in the agency’s client portfolio are McDonald’s, Guaraná Antarctica, Brastemp, Consul, Kopenhagen and Chocolates Brasil Cacau.

“When we invited Igor to join our team, we were absolutely certain that we’d be able to offer the market a much more robust and consistent digital service portfolio. His promotion to Vice President is a natural result of his performance and goes to show that we were right,” states Alcir Gomes Leite. For Paulo Queiroz, the integrated work Igor developed had a strong positive impact on every department at the agency. “In ten months, we have organized and restructured several departments. Igor brought in hybrid professionals who answer both to him and to the Creative, Media, Client Services and Planning Vice Presidents, in a model that has helped spread knowledge of digital media and of how to build cases that are not just interactive, but actually integrated.”

Igor Puga

Today, Igor Puga leads a team of around 45 employees and has announced plans to hire more. “The number of projects that integrate online and offline media is growing exponentially. To serve them all with the standard of excellence we have committed to, we are searching for talented people who are deeply knowledgeable about digital and management tools,” concludes DM9DDB’s new Vice President.