MavenHut makes the biggest financial transaction in Romanian gaming industry, with a licencing to RockYou

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In the biggest financial transaction for Romanian gaming industry, Romanian company MavenHut announced it licences its most successful products and most monetized Romanian ones on Facebook – Solitaire Arena and Solitaire 3 Arena – to RockYou, San-Francisco based company with a community of 92M gamers.


Although it sales the trademark for the mentioned titles, MavenHut is licencing the source codes for its apps. This way, the company can afford to extend the Solitaire franchise and to focus on mobile area.

The transaction was difficult to make, but we obtained a good and almost hard to believe deal when one sees the conditions. We kept everything: income, knowledge, people. And this is how we can expand the Solitaire franchise with titles like Solitaire Live, Solitaire Tournaments and Solitaire KnowkOut and we can focus on mobile

Cristi Badea,

Co-Founder Mavenhut

We managed to make a transaction so favorable to us not only due to the spike of income our products were at, but also for their future potential. With tens of millions of installs and millions of daily users, the sold titles represent a very good opportunity also for Rock You, the company who bought them

Bobby Voicu,

Co-Founder Mavenhut

MavenHut is an 100% Romanian team who managed to create a profitable product in-house and starting from zero, from design and production to marketing.

As a company, MavenHut bets on performance and meritocracy and stimulates innovation. A team of 30 people created the apps Solitaire Arena an d Solitaire 3 Arena, that reached top 100 most monetized products on Facebook.

In just 2 years, the value created by MavenHut’s team of 30 can be translated in 1.5M daily active users and 35M installs on all platforms – Facebook and mobile. Company’s games have global audience, with most passionate gamers coming from US (40%), UK, Germany and France.

MavenHut is a gaming company that has its development studio in Romania and a fully Romanian team. The first title, Solitaire Arena, redefined the game of Solitaire; later, the company became “The Solitaire Company”, creating a franchise around this kind of game (Solitaire 3 Arena, Solitaire Live, Solitaire Tournaments, Solitaire KnockOut). These games were installed 35M times on all available platforms (Facebook, Android, iOS), helping the company to grow constantly during the last 3 years since founding.