Lowe Group Romania switched its headquarters


Lowe Group Romania switched its headquarters and moved to downtown Bucharest, at Metropolis Bravo on Grigore Alexandrescu street. With this move, Bucharest’s center concentrates, in the same area, some of the biggest names in Romanian advertising – Publicis Romania, McCann Erickson Romania and Ogilvy Romania.

Lowe@Metropolis Bravo2


Evolution is a constant process, based on change. I strongly believe in the beneficial power of change, of getting out of the comfort zone. This year, the moment came, the fourth time in Lowe Romania’s history, for a new travel. We moved! Each headquarter said our story and our philosophy at that time and of our team’s at that moment. In May, we ended our business with Ceasornicului (headquarters – n.red) and the time for a new adventure came. So we migrated towards Metropolis

Veronica Savanciuc,

President & CEO Lowe Romania.

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The offices’ architecture is a minimalist one, influenced by Scandinavian architecture and gravitating around 2 stories for grown-ups, namely Le Petit Prince and Alice in Wonderland. Their presence is discreet, enough to stir creatives’ imagination. The design was made by the architects from Manole Zece, who understood Lowe’s “we are all mad herestatement.

Lowe@Metropolis Bravo1


Before getting to business, we visited the offices in Ceasornicului and we tried to get to know the team. Than we gave up. Too many personalities 🙂 Than we took Le Petit Prince and Alice in Wonderland as start points and tried to surprise the essence of the stories, the hero’s direction and details that transform the entire story. Inspiration for us were some key characters, like the mad hatter and the king in Le Petit Prince, and some dialogues and quotes. The result is aired and with a lot of space, but not boring. It is colored, simple and full of details

Alexandru Cosmos,

Architect, Manole Zece.

Lowe@Metropolis Bravo4

Situated downtown Bucharest, Metropolis Bravo is part of Metropolis Center and is the perfect combo between a professional and modern working environment in a business park and the reinterpreted, remodeled Romanian feeling re-intertwined into the urban web.

Lowe@Metropolis BravoManole Zece team included Adriana Frunza,  Alexandru Csomos and Sorin Bleanda, with the project management handled by Manuela Zarcu (Tecton Services)



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