ADCE elevates young creatives to a higher level at the 4th #CreativeExpress



28 creatives from 16 countries attended ADCE’s elite two-day workshop in Tyrol (Austria), with 9 international creative teams having to solve a real-world brief set by the Brenner Basistunnel, the €10 billion project to build the world’s longest underground railway.

Creative Express Tyrol 2015 k

The Creative Express is the brainchild of Hans-Peter Albrecht, whose vision for this unique education experience was to offer Europe’s most talented young creatives the chance to work in a fantastic setting at the heart of a brief. Not in an office, nor in a classroom or a conference centre, but a place where they could truly immerse themselves in the challenge.

Creative Express Tyrol 2015 j

For the 2015 edition of the Creative Express, that setting was the cable cars high in the Austrian Alps. The challenge? To develop a creative campaign for the Brenner Basis Tunnel – a new €10 billion green construction project to develop the world’s largest underground tunnel passage.  As one of the most important and expensive traffic projects in Europe, it was crucial for any creative communications to establish an initial positive connection with a European audience that may not be aware of the plans.

Creative Express Tyrol 2015 g

The 28 art designers, copywriters and designers in attendance, who had been selected by their respective ADCE member clubs, were split into nine teams. Each team contained a mix of skills and languages, challenging them from the outset to leave their comfort zone and think creatively to communicate effectively.

Creative Express Tyrol 2015 b

Each mentored by an award-winning senior creative, the teams had two half-day sessions to crack the brief and the outputs surpassed even the highest expectations. From elegant radio executions and stunning posters, to futuristic space missions and even a beautiful love story, the creativity on display was a testament to the power of ideas, skill and collaboration.

Creative Express Tyrol 2015

While we did have some incredible work worthy of commission, the aim is not necessarily to realise one of the concepts (…) Sure, that would be a lovely ending for one team, but our primary aim here is to teach our participants that there are no borders to creativity.

We aim to show them that there are young people all over Europe that are just as hungry, open-minded and forward thinking as they are.  It matters not what country they live in or what language they speak, because creativity is a universal language. So tear down those walls in your head, and grab the fantastic chances Europe offers to all of us!

Hans-Peter Albrecht

Creative Express



It was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved and we’re indebted to all those who helped make this possible. It’s clear that the future of creativity in Europe is very bright. But with the bar raised yet again, I wonder how much bigger we can go with the next Creative Express in 2016!

Mercè Segú,

Managing Director ADCE



The Creative Express is a program organized by the ADCE and is designed to provide professional training and promote young European creatives. Partners for the 4th Creative Express included European Union – Creative Europe Culture Programme, Economic Chamber Austria/Tyrol, Brenner Basistunnel, Huber Bräu St. Johann, Tourism Association Fieberbrunn, Mountain Railway, Tiroler Tageszeitung and U5 Design Academy.

Creative Express Tyrol 2015 c

Previous editions of the #CreativeExpress have taken place in Innsbruck-Vienna, Amsterdam and Munich.  To be eligible to apply for the ADCE Creative Express, creatives must be under 28 years of age and have a minimum of two years professional experience.

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Founded in 1990, the ADCE strives to foster excellence in graphic design and advertising creativity at a European scale. The association represents more than 4,500 professionals from the field and internationally spotlights the best works accomplished at a local scale through its annual European awards. The association’s current president is Amir Kassaei, Chief Creative Officer at DDB Worldwide, and one of the most recognized advertising creatives in the world.


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