FCB’s innovative interactive music box promotes music among children in a Bucharest mall

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An innovative tool, a music box of impressive dimensions, was presented for the first time in Bucharest, at Baneasa Shopping City, during George Enescu International Festival, in order to encourage the public to discover composer’s music.


The innovative mechanism is a hybrid between a mechanical music box and a digital one and is an innovation in terms of concept and production: outside it looks like a classical music box, with a handle that needs manual activation to function, while the sounds are generated electrically. The layers have vibration sensors and let out notes when they are touched by the protuberances on the main rotating cylinder, with each vibration generating a different tone. The reproduced sounds are based on the Romanian Rhapsody score.



To maintain the ludic and interactive character of the mechanism, the protuberances on the cylinder consist on 2,500 Lego pieces of different colors that children and adults are invited to arrange following a pre-established algorithm.

The project appeared from our desire to bring mall’s visitors closer to George Enescu’s music also this year, in an unconventional manner to allow people to interact with composer’s work. This is how the biggest interactive musical box appeared, a modern interpretation of the classical version, but which fits the cosmopolitan set up from Baneasa Shopping City. We were open to the proposal from the first moment and we are happy music came to live now in the mall, with the help  of our visitors

Alexandru Bogdan,

Baneasa Shopping City Marketing Director


The music box was produced at the initiative of Baneassa Shopping City, together with FCB Bucharest as part of the project Creative Bucharest, organized during George Enescu Festival.

We want to generate interest for music in general and for George Enescu’s opera in particular, both among parents and children and to encourage all together to listen and interact with good music. And because we learn the best when we play, we want to encourage the children to get in contact with the music through elements they are familiar with: Lego pieces. As far as we know, such an interactive construction is a first at international level

Claudiu Dobrita

Creative Director FCB Bucharest


Made out of wood, stainless steel and aluminium, the production of the box lasted around a month and was made in Romania with help from 2 providers: one responsible with the production itself (wooden carcass, the cylinder and so on) and the second responsible for the software integration (digital part, with sensors and sounds). The production of the cylinder was the biggest challenge, as the team needed to test 3 different solutions until the final form.

KV Cutiuta Muzicala

The campaign includes, besides the music box, also outdoor and signaling executions in the mall.


Baneasa Shopping City

  • Ramona Popescu –  Entertainment Business Unit Marketing Initiatives Coordinator.
  • Alexandru Bogdan – Baneasa Shopping City Marketing Director

FCB Bucharest

  • Claudiu Dobrita – Creative Director
  • Wanda Hutira – Art Director
  • Dragos Raicu – Senior Copywriter
  • Florin Ciobanu – Head of Digital
  • Sorin Fotache – Graphic Designer 3D
  • Mihai Ionescu – DTP Designer
  • Catălin Grigore – Art Director
  • Sorina Borcescu – Client Service Director
  • Simina Lambrino – Group Account Director
  • Andreea Serbu – Account Manager
  • Corina Coman – PR Director
  • Ionut Aldea – BTL Manager
  • Iulia Stanescu – Producțion Manager
  • Alexandru Puiu – Junior Project Manager.

Also involved in the campaign were In Touch Media (soft) and Multimedia Proactive (production of the box)

KV Cutiuta Muzicala KV Cutiuta Muzicala2