New formula for Eurobest semester at The Alternative School

Creativity, Education


10 years after the launch of the first edition, The Alternative School – the most awarded educational platform dedicated to creative thinking in Eastern Europe – changes the rules.

The students will first need to solve brief so the teachers can come up with very customized classes to solve specific problems identified in student’s solutions. Previously, school’s curricula was built around the need signaled by the market: culture and visual languages, creativity in PR or digital, design or integrated communication/

We do not ignore industry’s needs of specialization. Totally the opposite. We are personally treating each “minus” from each participant. We are helping them, in a very personal way, to evolve and build an international caliber portfolio. Together with agreed teachers for the educational semester, we decided to switch the classical process that involves first teaching than evaluation. After all, The Alternative School is a Creative MBA. It is suposed that people that participate have relevant knowledge and here they are only sharpening up their talent, learn how to change perspective and how to operate within a niche. All are things having to do with subtlety. Therefor we will start with the evaluation and, depending on the competencies level of the participant teams, we will adjust the content for each class

Teo Migdalovici,

Founder of the program

Ambassador Lions Festivals in Romania.

The classes will follow the same disciplines and specific categories to the study of the creative thinking with application in communication, will have the same consistency and openness towards the international environment, with the difference residing in the focus the teachers will have during the teaching process.

2015 is a special year, one when the platform celebrates 10 years of education and international performances. To celebrate the spirit of The Alternative School’s successes, school’s teachers were selected based on 2 criteria: alumni winning trophies in Cannes while at school or after its graduation during the last decade and jurors who evaluated in serie A competitions like Cannes, Eurobest, Spikes or Dubai Lynx.

The presentations with international teachers will take place over Skype, in a formula validated for a long time and which proved its usefulness.

The teachers from Eurobest semester are Mihai Gongu, Ioana Halunga, Carmen Coca Dobrescu, Cristian Costea, Alex Strambeanu, Alex Haidamac, Mihai Fetcu, Olga Abramescu, Sonal Dabral, Alvin Teoh.

The students of Eurobest semester will have acces to a Cannes Reloaded marathon where the participants from Young Lions – Cannes 2015 and Eurobest 2014 will hold presentations on trends in contemporary creativity, impact of international festivals over the career and applied counseling over career and applied advises on the way to solve briefs. Ada Musat, Andrei Chirisi, Filip Gonzacenco, Elena Matias, Raluca Circo, Silvia Gradinaru, Diana Coman and Robert Capraru will be the guides in decryption of the festival experience.

The semester will include 14 hours of classes and evaluations and even more hours of individual study. The meetings will take place on Saturdays and Thursdays, in October, at the headquarter of Romanian agency Digital Star.

The Alternative School will also offer scholarships for 5 students for Eurobest semester. To be eligible for the scholarship, the students need to solve the following brief:

Propose an idea of integrated campaign to encourage Romanians to access in an intelligent manner impredictible touristic experiences, but not necessary expensive ones (on the “value for money” principle), educating them that experiences are more important than objects. In solving the brief, dominant must be the lobby / creative PR components and digital creativity. The brand who endorses the campaign – an international card generator

Solving formula: presentation board Cannes Lions – style, strategic description and the way the campaign will work (max. 250 words), 3 complementary visuals to illustrate the idea (optional). The 3 files will be uploaded on the personal Facebook profile, in a folder names The Alternative Idea

The links for solutions will be sent, by September 25th, to The winners of the 5 scholarships will be announced on September 27th. For the rest of the students, the participation fee for Eurobest semester is Euro 120.

The first 10 qualified in the competition will have free access to The Best of Cannes event, scheduled to take place on October 1st, at Radisson Blu hotel in Bucharest. All students enrolled for Eurobest semester will have a 50% discount to attend the same event. As every year, the winners of semester’s competition will participate to Eurobest, scheduled to take place this year in Antwerp (Belgium) in the start of December.