Targu Mures for European Cultural Capital – a GMP campaign in 5 languages


GMP Advertising and GMP PR launched the first campaign declined simultaneously in 5 languages (Romanian, Hungarian, German, English and Rroma) in order to support Targu Mures’ candidacy to European Cultural Capital title in 2021.

The strategy proposed by GMP Advertising aims to position Targu Mures as the city one can learn to be multi-cultural and aims to create a participative touristic experience for the 2021 visitors. Campaign’s slogan, “Made in Targu Mures”, aims to illustrate the cultural activities Europeans will learn live, from the inhabitants of the city.

Inspired by the excellence model the tower offered in medicine via SMURD (Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication), the Medicine University and the Cardiology department within the County Hospital, we realized that the same top level can be achieved also in the cultural field. The biggest treasure Targu Mures has are the people and this is how we came up with the idea of involving them in order to offer to the visitors an unique experience, of learning the culture directly from local communities

Dana Pascu,

Senior Strategic Planner GMP Advertising.

Targu-Mures (2)

Targu Mures aims to not be just a simple exhibition of cultural acts, but it aims to become the place where the visitors participate and learn by experiencing the habits, culture, ethnics and traditions the city has and than relay them forward in the world.

We looked to differentiate and we chose to build together with the inhabitants the program for 2021. Targu Mures gains more than a promo campaign, it gets a vision for its own future that it can decline no matter the result of the competition (…)

Dana Pascu

The campaign includes two stages, one during which the future teachers (those to have an active role in 2021 and which will offer to the tourists the option to participate) will be recruited and  a second one consisting in a campaign informing the inhabitants of the county regarding the opportunity for Targu Mures to become European Cultural Capital. The candidacy file will be officially submitted on October 10th, with the judging process involving a preselection in December 2015 and a final selection in September 2016.

European Cultural Capital is an EU initiative which aims to highlight cultural aspects of EU countries in order to contribute to bringing closer the European nations and to improve the mutual knowledge. The program started in 1985, when the first European Cultural Capital was Athens.


  • GMP Advertising: Andreea Nemens – Executive Director, Dana Pascu – Senior Strategic Planner, Ioana Dobrinescu – Junior Strategic Planner, Ioana Munteanu – Group Creative Director, Alexandra Rus – Senior Account Executive.
  • GMP PR: Roxana Poede – PR Account Director, Silvia Jalea – Senior PR Executive.