Tim Berners-Lee in Bucharest, 25 Anno Internet: It all started from a dream

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On November 12th 1990, 25 years ago, Sir Tim Berners-Lee – back than member of CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire / European Organization for Nuclear Research) – was publishing the first web page in the world. That was practically the moment when WWW concept was born and the starting year of the internet era. Today, WWW represents the totality of the hypertext documents and info tied between themselves and which can be accessed via the worldwide internet network.

On the same day the internet was born, a quarter of century later, Tim Berners-Lee held for the first time a presentation in Romania, during McCann/Thiess Conferences.

During “A WWVVisionary Lesson” event, he spoke about the ideas which were behind the World Wide Web idea and about the way he managed to translate this idea into reality at the end of ’90s, at CERN’s headquarters in Switzerland, but also about the possible future developments of his invention.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

By the end of ’90s, Berners-Lee already built all the needed instruments for a functional web: the first web browser (which was also an editor), the first server and the first web pages, which weren’t anything more than a description of the project itself.

It all started with a dream that turned into an obsession to which Berners-Lee dedicated his entire life, keeping in mind all the time the fact that WWW doesn’t connect just computers, but also people.

Tim Berners-Lee is still part of WWW’s story even today and he holds numerous management positions in associations and organizations aimed to continuously develop the internet.

Before the Bucharest conference, Sir Tim Berners-Lee also met with the members of Romanian Academy

The McCann/Thiess “A WWVVisionary Lesson” conference was organized by McCann Worldgroup Romania and Thiess Holding, with support from Pro TV – media sponsor and from BRD Groupe Société-Générale and UPC Business – official sponsors.