The smmile, a new digital marketing agency with an international team of freelancers

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The smmile is a new concept of digital marketing agency with an international team of freelancers and digital nomads, coming to fulfill the demands of today businesses. The smmile takes advantage of the Internet’s power and provides valuable services for companies located in any part of the world.

marketing agency with an international team of freelancers
Smmile – a marketing agency with an international team of freelancers

The smmile means “the social media mile”, a team that believes in the power of going the extra mile for best results while making everyone involved smile.

Anca Muraru, founder of The smmile
Anca Muraru, founder of The smmile

The agency was born out of the desire to provide services for the market’s needs. On one hand, the freelancers want to work on what they love without having to look for new clients and on the other hand, the companies want professional services at low costs. With this new agency, we can fulfill the needs of both parts. Due to our location independence, we made this concept a reality. We believe in making our clients smile by helping them grow their businesses through quality services. We believe in results driven by relevant and compelling work

Anca Muraru,

Founder The smmile.

The new agency is advantageous for both clients and the team members. For some digital marketers, the physical office became optional, since they can work from any place in the world that provides a good Internet connection. Due to no physical office additional costs, The smmile can reduce the fees while offering quality services. Also, another advantage for clients is that they don’t have to look for the best suited person or agency – The smmile will do all the work and find the best match for the projects and business.

Most of the members have years of experience in corporate jobs, big companies or startups, advertising and marketing agencies and decided to offer their services to even more companies while gaining the freedom of working from anywhere.

The agency is mainly focused on social media strategy and management, but due to the worldwide team, The smmile can provide additional services to the clients who need online promotion.

At the moment, we can offer services in English, Romanian, German and Italian, but even though we have just launched the agency, the applications keep on coming. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if really soon we’ll be able to provide services for more countries