Geometry Global Conjures Up the “Spirit of the Samurai”

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In Japan there is a mindset that has lived on through the ages of men who fought with pride. The same spirit that drove these men can be found in today’s athletes. The aura of this spiritual birthplace of the Samurai, “SAGA” will inspire the hearts and minds of all of them.

A Japanese prefecture gain awareness as a potential venue for Tokyo 2020 Olympic’s pre-games training by conjuring up the spirit of the Samurai. In a promotional video from Geometry Global, meant to capture the hearts of decision-makers and reinforce Saga’s beauty, an Olympic athlete comes face to face with the spirit of the Samurai, and is inspired to reach his maximum potential.


Geometry Global Japan

  • Production: TYO / MONSTER
  • Account Executive: Naoki Miyazoe
  • Account Executive: Taysuaki Yoshioka
  • Creative Director: Masato Mitsudera
  • Copywriter: Ryo Kobayashi
  • Producer: Masao Omokawa
  • Production Manager: Ryuichi Kumamoto
  • Production Manager: Kazuaki Ota
  • Director: Kei Uehara