Geometry Romania and FRF put math formulas on t-shirts in a campaign supporting education

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Geometry Global Bucharest signed, for Romanian Football Federation (FRF), a social campaign bringing together education and football. The campaign – “FRF supports education” – echoed all over the world and received extensive coverage in international press after the players in Romania’s national football team wore t-shirts with math formulas before the game they had with Spain’s representative.

The action announced and marked the launch of the first math manual published by Niculescu Publishing House for the 4th grade, with problems inspired by football. The auxiliary manual is the start of an extensive program through which FRF supports children’s education, a reaction to counter the school drop-out, which has a very high rate in Romania. Starting September 2015, Geometry communicates and implements FRF’s Grassroots programs and its young talents’ recruitment ones.


Mihai Fetcu, Creative Director Geometry Global Bucharest:

We started from Grassroots programs and we wanted to give them a new breath. We had in mind for a long time a national program in which football helps children learn easier, but we needed a smart way to launch it. Two months ago, the idea of transforming the t-shirts numbers in mathematical formulas came and we went round the world with 11 t-shirts. This is what happens when a copy draws as in post-its and an art director always write in mails: “keep it simple. stupid.”  I am talking about Bogdan Costin (copy) and Stefan Vasilachi (art). What happened next is the credit of the entire team who transformed the idea in the most vocal image campaign happening lately in Romania


Razvan Burleanu, President FRF:

We were impressed by the proposal of educational program from the very first meetings. We saw how it developed and we lived the emotion of the implementation together with the representatives of the international football, the Romanian National Football Team, Federation’s team, agency and representatives of the publishing house. Geometry Global has all our trust and support to bring the project further. We will generate together a change which will bring football closer to the educational environment


Mircea Pascu, Managing Director Geometry Global:

We are a sensational team and the first thing that comes now to my mind is a big BRAVO. After the success of last year’s “The RGB News”, we are returning better and more vocal. We are thanking the Federation for its trust and openess in creating this beautiful relation which, more than what is seen “on stage”, is a true friendship. And, more than anything, we thank the National team’s players who, although they were undergoing stressfull situations, accepted out proposal to be the ambassadors of this program

FRF’s campaign debuted with a PR action during Romania-Spain football game which happened on March 27th. Next will be the launch of a prototype for an auxiliary manual that combines maths and football and will continue with its distribution during autumn. Some of the manuals will be donated to the schools with a dire situation. Other actions bringing together education and football will be implemented as part of this program.

The campaign had an impressive local and global coverage, being mentioned by The Guardian, Huffington Post, BBC, Washington Post, Le Figaro, Le Parisien, Business Insider,, The Drum and other renown publications. Romanian TVs made researches and documentaries in schools that support the initiative to prevent school drop-outs.


  • Geometry Global Romania: Bogdan Costin (Senior Copywriter), Stefan Vasilachi (Head of Art), Radu Popescu (Illustrator), Mihai Fetcu (Creative Director), Razvan Bodea (Account Executive), Luiza Dumitras (Account Director), Simona Costea (Client Service Director), Claudia Neagoe (PR Executive), Mihaela Zaharia (PR Manager), Codrin Badescu (Social Media Strategist), Cristina Petricanu (Digital Account Manager), Monica Gheorghe(Traffic Manager), Dorina Sandu (DTP Manager), Ionut Iacobache (Production Manager), Mircea Pascu (Managing Director).
  • Romanian Football Federation: Razvan Burleanu (President), Bogdan Popescu (Sales Manager), Razvan Mitroi (Communication Manager), Diana Pirciu (Marketing Specialist), Gabriel Berceanu (Media Manager ).
  • Niculescu Publishing House: Andrei Niculescu (Development Director).