Romanian Profero, awarded at IAC Awards 2016


Romanian Profero was awarded at Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards with “Spiderkids VR” project, developed to promote an exhibition hosted by Gheorghe Antipa National Natural History Museum in Bucharest. The agency receive the award for “The best mobile app for education”.

The agency created a VR game to encourage young visitors of the museum to enter, for couple minutes, inside the exoskeleton of some spiders and see the life through spider’s eyes. The game helped break spiders’ fear and turned it into fascination for the made up virtual world.

Spiderkids VR is a project we believed that it would impact so we brought ourselves to kids’ mind to understand what attracts them and to remove the fear of spiders and scorpions. The award from IAC Awards represents a validation for our efforts, of the creativity and integrated innovation of this project, that had at its basis the initiative from Antipa Museum to promote in a special manner those exquisite species

Ana-Maria Ghiurca,

Client Service Director, MullenLowe Profero.


Profero: Vasile Alboiu (Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Group), Anca Masek (Art Director), Alin Marghidanu (Copywriter) and Vlad Emandi (Flash Designer).