Romanian BRAT makes public more internet audience and traffic data

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BRAT (Romanian Transmedia Audit Bureau) announced that, starting march, its website will make publicly available new performance indicators essential to evaluate websites, such are: total audience, audience on target groups and socio-demographic profiles. The info is measured via Internet Audience and Traffic Study (SATI) since the study was launched, in 2007.

Tech developments during last years, the penetration of mobile devices and accessing websites through them amplify the effort to measure visitors of a website, while tech measurement, of a website’s registered traffic (number of unique browsers, visits or impressions) decreases in relevance. The efficiency in communication via online is evaluated, as for other mediums, from the perspective of reached people and, in the new context, the importance of audience data increases.

It is for the first time when the access to audience data and socio-demographic profiles is offered for free by SATI, with study’s beneficiary wanting to answer this way to the increased interest of the advertising industry and general public when it comes of number of visitors, people accessing the websites. The info is presented in a new graphical manner, intuitive and easy to use, in line with the needs of the companies active in online environment.