Launched in US: Content agency focusing on marijuana legalization


Marking 4/20 2016, Green Point Creative, the first-ever creative content agency focused on marijuana legalization, a division of award-winning creative audio post house HOBO, has launched. Green Point is working with a broad range of advocacy groups on a variety of television, radio and web ads targeting states where decriminalization and legalization are on the ballot. Additionally, the company continues to self-produce PSA campaigns entitled “End Prohibition Now.”

Among the services Green Point offers includes: concept development/copywriting, strategic messaging, production, music and post-production.

In addition, Green Point has added Jon Mackey as Green Point’s Managing Director. Prior to joining Green Point, Mackey co-founded the independent record label Cadence Collective.


It’s gratifying to help organizations that are working tirelessly toward the same goal, and who could benefit from creative resources like the ones we offer


Green Point and HOBO founder Howard Bowler notes that during the past year creating the “End Prohibition Now” PSA campaign, designed to help reform the nation’s byzantine drug policy, the spots have gained attention nationally with the company fielding requests to produce more of them, which lead to the launch of Green Point Creative.

Green Point, a division of HOBO, is a creative content agency geared toward the legalization of cannabis in the United States. The company seeks to provide top tier content for those trying to dismantle the destructive system that is marijuana prohibition. It’s a collective of creative & business folk who are helping to educate the public on the truth of the origin of cannabis prohibition.