Boost the News, to predict number of readers for online articles and estimate the potential reader base

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Warsaw-based start-up creation, Boost the News is a new media monitoring tool which just launched its free beta version in order to help the professional from the communication field that have a crucial need of info regarding the number of views their articles are receiving.

Boost the News enables users to not only monitor online news and articles by selected keywords, but also assess the number of readers for each article.

If you really care about your published articles, you should count how many people can read it (…) Most media monitoring tools will let you know where your brand is mentioned, but not how many people view your news

Michal Orzechowski,

Product Manager Boost the News

Boost the News algorithms monitor thousands of websites and blogs every day, just to find articles which include topics or keywords provided by Boost the News users. Every single time a user searches articles, an advanced mechanism estimates how many people might potentially read it.

There is a lot of research available about the way people consume content online. We utilize that data, then collect available information about the website where our customer’s article is published and estimate how many people can read it. Everything goes in real time


Boost the News is available in beta version at The media monitoring is completely free at the moment and, as promised by the founders, it will be until users are fully satisfied with their estimations.