Earth Day 2016 : Sea Shepherd and Fred&Farid put plastic pollution on spotlight

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Plastic pollution is recognized as a massive, global environmental issue, responsible for the deaths of over a million marine animals each year. It is a danger to all marine life, causing injury and death through drowning, entanglement, or starvation following ingestion. It is also a danger to human life.

To commemorate Earth Day on April 22, 2016, Sea Shepherd Global has teamed-up with Shanghai-based creative agency, Fred&Farid Shanghai, to shine a spotlight on the massive issue of plastic pollution in our oceans and produced a short film that captures the reactions of swimmers at a public pool that has been filled with plastic pollution.

Faced with the option of swimming in a pool full of plastic pollution, most people would choose not to enter the water. However, this is not an option extended to the many marine creatures who are forced to live in this kind of pollution everyday (…) We hope that this video inspires discussion and public debate about the global problem of plastic pollution. Pressure must be placed on governments and corporations to introduce policy changes to stem the tide of this on-going disaster, and to shift their focus to more environmentally sustainable businesses practices, globally

Captain Alex Cornelissen

CEO Sea Shepherd Global


  • Fred & Farid Shanghai
  • Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid
  • Client: Sea Shepherd Global
  • Brand Supervisor: Alex Cornelissen, Michelle Mossfield, Nelli Huie
  • Agency Supervisors: Guillaume Leroux, Solene Marce
  • Executive Creative Director: Feng Huang
  • Copywriter: Adrien Goris
  • Art Directors: Adrien Goris, Issy Zheng
  • Brand Strategist: Guillaume Leroux
  • Executive Producer: Karim Naceur
  • Directors: Patrice Chatelus, William Mazaud
  • Music Producer: Leo Copet